How to define custom binning in energy for USRTRACK scoring

Dear FLUKA development team and experts!

Do we have any opportunity to define custom energy binning for USRTRACK? I need to define energy binning according to the ECCO 1968-group structure . It would be so kind if anyone suggest the best way to achieve this structure. What only comes to my mind right now is to define regular binning and rebin it after to achieve the desired mesh. Do we have other possibilities? Also, it would be nice to have a feature for scorers with arbitrary defined meshes.

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Dear @Ivan,
It is not possible to define your own binning for USRTRACK scoring.
To achieve your goal, beside re-binning as you already suggest, you could use a user routine to define your own scoring with your favorite binning.

Dear @amario !

Thank you for your answer! Which user routine does that? Could you please share where to find some example of similar task if one exist. Thank you!

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I would do it using mgdraw.
Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any available example.

Dear @amario,

Thanks! Will try to figure this out!