How to draw a slice chart in software?

Dear experts,

I would like to ask an expert how fliar draws slices in a 3D model, I tried possible buttons, but failed.

Through the projection method, I found that in addition to the data on the projection surface, there is also data on the three-dimensional objects, and I don’t know how to eliminate it?

Feng Xu
Thanks in advance!

Hello Feng Xu,

you have to create a geometric object (e.g plane) which intersects your data mesh and, at the intersection, it will display the result by activating that object as “projection body” (see below). However, you should not activate “USRBIN as texture” which will add in addition a texture projection on the whole geometry that is found within the dimensions of the mesh.

Please note that in the currently publicly released version 3.2-1 there is still a bug when it comes to transparent objects, which will probably appear too opaque and not as shown in the image below. This fix should become available in a future release.


Ok, looking forward to the next update!This post can be closed, the problem has been solved, thanks to the experts.

Thank you