How to get response matrix and analyze further?

Dear Fluka experts,

I am very new to FLUKA. I am interested in getting the response matrix from scintillators. Right now, I am able to use USRBIN to get plot for optical photons, but I do not know how to get the response matrix and analyze it further. Could you please guide me with it?
Thank you.

Dear @talktoshubhama,

This is not strictly a Fluka related question. What you first need to do is to decide what “response” you want to have, i.e. which quantity you are interested into, and then how exactly you want to use it. I would suggest first to look in the literature for response matrix in general.

Dear @amario ,

Thank you very much for the response.

Primarily, I aim to make the response matrix for energy deposition by photons on every scintillator (similar to the image).
Can you please suggest to me some literature for the response matrix?
response matrix

Thank you

Dear @talktoshubhama,

You can find examples of scintillation detectors using simulated response matrices for unfolding in Rusby (2018) or Istokskaia (2021). To obtain such response matrix, you could score the energy deposited in the scintillators of the stack using region binning with the USRBIN card. Then, you could use the “Loop” function in the Run tab to run multiple simulation for the variable of interest.

Dear @blefebvre ,

Thank you very much. I got the response matrix