How to get the transverse profiles?

Dear administrator,
Sorry to disturb you again, I have solved the above problems. I have encountered a new problem that I have seen the manual and the forum without finding a suitable solution. How can I read the electronic beam cross section information in a certain position in vacuum? I had uesd the card USRBIN and BEAMPART but I can’t get the distribution like the fig. I want to arrive the goal of the beam size or particle distribution diagram to verify whether my phase space file is read correctly.

vhee-dose.flair (2.4 KB)
source_newgen.f (18.9 KB)
particles.dat (1.5 MB)


Dear An,

Thanks for your question, have you tried setting in the plot tab 2D projection and fixing the Z axis (by selecting it)?

Here below you see a picture of the result I got:

Then, if you are interested only in the results of a given Z interval, you can tune this manually by changing the extreme values in the two fields to the right of the Z coordinate.

Attached you can find an example (input file, flair file, source routine) with all the changes I mentioned before. I took the liberty of increasing the number of bins on X and Y in the USRBIN card to have a more detailed result (although this increases the plotting time).

Let me know if this does not clear your doubts,


vhee-dose.inp (1.0 KB)
vhee-dose.flair (2.1 KB)
source_newgen.f (18.6 KB)

Dear Marco ,
Thank you very much for your reply, your answer completely solved my doubts.