How to get TVL and HVL

Dear experts,
If I want to study radiation shielding capability using “Ten value layer” and “Half value layers”, which card should I use for the calculation?

Dear Junjie,

There is not such scorer or tool offered by FLUKA that can readily provide the half-value layer.

However, it would not be difficult to obtain this using built-in scoring. Create a USRBIN detector for the fluence of the particle of interest (e.g. photon). The detector should consist of several large layers perpendicular to the source (binning 1x1xN where N is the number of layers). The detector should also be declared over a region made of a material for which you wish to obtain the HVL (e.g. copper, aluminium). After you run the simulation, create a 1D projection graph and find the position at which the fluence is halved (HVL) or divided by ten (TVL).

The layers should be rather thin to obtain a good precision on the HVL. In that case, and especially if you expect conversion of primary particles, consider setting appropriate transport and production thresholds using the EMF-CUT card.

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