How to identify coordinates of tumor via Dicom viewer?

I have Dicom file and want to calculate absorbed dose in tumor but I am unable to get location/coordinates of trumor in order to set beam direction?

Can you pls. advise how can I identify coordinates of tumor via Dicom viewer so I can align my beam accrodingly?



Hi @zamirkhanyan
Sorry for delay, it took me some time to download the data. However the question is a bit off topic for FLUKA.

When you import the whole project you are mentioning you find there:

  • CT

With the RTSTRUCT you can find the the PTV (Prescribed Target Volume which needs to be irradiated. I presume this is what you are asking for.

The RTPLAN contains the various irradiation beams towards this volume.
Since this is a Photon plan, for flair to import the RTPLAN you need to provide a custom Beam model file (which is facility dependent), to convert the MU (Monitor units) to equivalent NP (number of primaries).

Thanks Vasilis, if possible can you please attach fully functional Dicom project with all nesessary components? I think the issue is I am not able to find a sample I can use to learn.