How to import magfld.f routine using MGNFIELD card

Dear Fluka experts,
I am very new to using fluka. I am trying to activate magfld.f routine using MGNFIELD command in flair as stated in manual, but MGNFILED does not allowing me to select the routine. Actually, MGNFILED does not showing any routine in the selection section. Please help.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,

Dear Prabir,

I’m aware that you managed to solve the issue by yourself. Still, please find my answer here, in order to help others with the same issue.

  1. The dropdown list on the MGNFIELD card in Flair lists all magnetic fields specified using the MGNCREATe card, not the user routines.

  2. To activate the magnetic field user routine, you need to keep the selection empty, and The vector components of the magnetic field should be set to zero or left empty as well.

For more info see: 7.22.49. MGNFIELD — FLUKA Manual