How to import the .inp file written by Mcnp?

I used the Input----Import----Mcnp to import a .inp file written by Mcnp in flair.
but it seemed nothing happened.
how to use this function in flair?

Correct from Input → Import → Mcnp should import and convert a mcnp input to fluka input (Only the geometry and materials).
Could please tell us, what error message it gives, and which version of flair you are using?
Possibly if you can share your mcnp model it would be helpful for debugging

when i through Input → Import → Mcnp to import a Mcnp input, it seemed nothing happened.
no errors or warnings.
my *.m Mcnp file is uploaded. it is renamed as fc5.txt for uploading.
fc5.txt (13.1 KB)

after deleting the comment, everything works ok.

@Newconcept_1979 which comment you deleted?
Can you send us also the non-working file so we can debug?

the “comment” here is explanatory note.