How to import voxel based phantom in fluka?

Dear everyone,

I am a user of Fluka. Now I have a medical related problem, as we know that we are able to convert ct into vxl file through dicom module with convertion table and .mat file. I am now woring on a new project with a 51251249 dimension dicom phantom. I have the material composition information for each voxel .

This phantom has different HU-material match table so i can not use default convertion table. As the 49 slice can not read simultaneously in fluka vxl cretion process, I want to create a new mesh cubic and each voxel is a region with material. While this will over the region limitation.Are there any solution for buliding such a phantom in flika? Thank you so much for your help!

Dear Richard,
thank you for your question. I have gathered some resources that should provide a good starting point for addressing your concerns:

I hope that this can help. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to reach out for further support. This post will remain open for any related additional assistance you may need.