How to limit the energy range in USRBIN

Dear expert:

I need to calculate gamma spatial distribution in different energy range(0-2.5MeV and 2.5-10MeV) by USRBIN card. But, there are issues that bother me:

  1. Activation mode is used in RADDECAY card, and there is no DCYSCORE card assigned to 25-28BIN. So, is the result of 25-28 BIN referring to the zero-moment decay?

  2. How can I score gamma spatial distribution in different energy range(0-2.5MeV and 2.5-10MeV)?

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LY Zhong
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Dear Luyu Zhong,

Thanks for your questions.

  1. If you have a USRBIN scorer with no DCYSCORE card associated (e.g., scorers N2_1, N3_1, and N4_1 in your flair project), that detector will only score prompt fluence expressed in particle/cm^2^/primary (if you are scoring fluence), even if you have a RADDECAY card with Activation mode selected.

  2. To score the gamma fluence for a given energy range you need to make use of the fluscw.f user routine, that is enabled by placing a USERWEIG card in your FLUKA input file. As for any other routine, remember to include it when compiling the executable file.
    Please have a look at this thread on the FLUKA forum, that addresses the same issue you are trying to solve:
    USRBIN - plot fluence of neutrons within specific range of energy - Scoring - FLUKA User Forum (
    Should you have any troubles with the implementation, let me know!

I hope this helps,