How to make usrbin color axis express in a scientific way

I‘d like to know how to change the numbers like “0.00001” into 1e-5 in the usrbin plot

Dear @shiqiang.pang,

see the suggestion in post 3 from:


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Dear @horvathd
I would like to the same setting like @shiqiang.pang , and followed the suggestion in post 3.
I see the margin increses, still not in a scientific expression with the colorbar.

Dear @songhg19,
You didn’t follow the suggestion in the 3rd post, no “format” instruction appears on your snapshot.
I believed you followed the suggestions on the 2nd post, which indeed set the margins.

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Enter the command
set format "%h"

Dear @amario @vasilis
Thanks for your reply.
Now it solved.

You can make it permanent for all plots
In the Flair → Config → Gnuplot


Dear @vasilis,

Thanks for your detailed instruction. The illustration is quiet clear.
Now I have implemented it with the configuration.
Thanks again~