How to pass longer filenames to source routine?

Thanks for the reply. I have a follow up question.

Is it possible to pass longer strings from Flair?

For example, would it be possible to pass the phase space filename from flair as a variable so I don’t have to recompile my executable every time I change phase spaces?

Dear Dirk,

I see three options:

  1. You can pass an 8 character string via the SDUM of the SOURCE card as the variable part of the filename, and then in the source routine you can add the constant parts.

  2. You can use the OPEN card to specify longer filenames (path included). In this case you don’t need to open the file in the source routine, FLUKA will take care of it.

  3. You can use a symbolic link with a fixed name, pointing to the appropriate file.



I made it work using the OPEN card, pulling the filename from IO unit using INQUIRE, and passing it to the phase space reader routine.

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