How to plot a rotating 2D projection in the PLOT interface when a ROTPRBIN card was set in the input file?

Dear FLUKA experts,
Since the geometry is not perpendicular to the coordinate axis, rot-defi cards are used to the geometry and ROTPRBIN cards are used to the usrbin scores. In the Geometry-Layers-Usrbin, a rotating usrbin is dispalyed.
While a poltted 2D projection in the PLOT interface,the dose attenuation diagram is not matched the geometry.
How can I set the plot options to rotate the dose attenuation diagram consisting with the geometry.
HEPS_Linac_60m_L15R5_C_L60R20Fe_rotbin.flair (16.1 KB)
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Unfortunately, rotations are not applied directly in the plot interface in FLAIR, while in the geometry tab they are. You have to define explicitly the rotation on the axis in the text box below the draw options.

For instance, instead of plotting:

splot ‘file.dat’ us x:y:cb


splot ‘file.dat’ us ((xcos(a) - ysin(b))+Xo) : ((xsin(a) + ycos(b))+Yo) : cb

I hope this helps.

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