How to post new questions

New questions can only be posted on this website. Posting a question by email is not possible.

The user forum offers different categories where questions can be posted. In order to post a new question, go to the front page or enter one of the categories and click on the “New Topic” button located on the right side. This will open a pop-up window, where a suitable subject title (min. 15 characters) and subject body (min. 20 characters) have to be entered. In addition, the category where the question will be posted has to be selected in the drop down menu next to the subject title. Please note that the category is already pre-selected if you post a new question from within a category (but can still be changed in the menu).

The question will be posted once you press the “Save Edit” button at the bottom.

Replies to the question can be posted just below a question using the “Reply” button.