How to properly run the inelastic neutron scattering program

I don‘t know why after my program runs, there are no characteristic γ rays after neutron inelastic scattering,Let’s say C-12.Hope to get help from experts!


test1.flair (2.7 KB)
test1.inp (2.1 KB)

Feng Xu
Thanks in advance!

Dear Feng,

You should activate the pointwise treatment of low-energy neutrons through the LOW-PWXS card if you want to discern gamma peaks coming from neutron scattering (see manual for more details).

Do not forget you need to download your preferred cross-section databases yourself, as described on the installation page

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Thank you Philippe for your kind response. under your advice, I got the relevant gamma ray characteristic peak, and I learned a lot from this process. Thank you very much.

And I have a related question for the experts.Whether FLUKA can realize the reaction between thermal neutrons and medium, and extract the relevant gamma characteristic shown in the following figure.

Yakubova, Galina et al. “Field Testing a Mobile Inelastic Neutron Scattering System to Measure Soil Carbon.” Soil Science 179 (2014): 529–535.

I refer to the materials in the forum and add LOW-BIAS TAB, but it seems that this card can only truncate the reaction of the thermal neutron part. I wonder whether the software can realize the reaction process similar to the above picture.

Feng Xu
Thanks in advance!

Hi Feng

Since the inclusion of the point-wise xsection for low energy neutrons in FLUKA 4.3, you can indeed simulate their interaction in your medium.

The LOW-BIAS card you mention is only use for group-wise treatment low energy neutrons, it has no effect in the case of point-wise treatment (see the corresponding manual entry for more details)

If you want to prevent the transport of low energy products, you can insert a PART-THR card specifying the cutoff energy or momentum, but other than that FLUKA allows you to count the gamma yield using your own user scoring (mgdraw) or the USRYIELD card

I would also advise having a look at the lectures from the FLUKA course, especially the scoring one, for more information



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Hi Philippe,

Thank you very much for the experts’ reply. You opened up new ideas for me to solve problems,I will implement it according to your ideas, and I will come back if there is a problem.