How to read USRBIN as ASCII

I am interested in viewing and manipulating USRBIN data outside of Flair, for example in Matlab. I have a volume I have binned into 301x301x301. I tried converting my processed .bnn to ASCII using Flair’s “Convert file to ASCII” feature. However, I do understand what is coming out or how the data is structured so I can recover my 301x301x301 array.

In your case, you will get 2,727,090 rows with 10 values each, and one additional row with the remaining value. The first 30 rows and the first value of the following row are (i,1,1) with i=1,301. The remaining 9 values of the 31st row, the following 29 rows, and the first two values of the row #61 are (i,2,1) with i=1,301. Finally, the last value (i.e. the first and only one of the row #2,727,091) and the preceding 30 rows are (i,301,301) with i=1,301.

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I got it it to work. Thank you.