How to score the number and positions of protons stopping in a region

Dear FLUKA experts,

In my simulation there is a proton beam(MeV) impinging a metal target, a water channel is inside there. I want to know the number of protons which are stopping inside the target and the positions where protons stopped.

Could you please tell me how to get these information?

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Qi,

Thanks for your question! To get the number of protons stopping in the target you can use USRYIELD card at the entry and exit surfaces of the target. The integral printed in the sum.lis file shows you the number of particles passing through it, so it might reveal to you how many were lost between the two surfaces.
As for the positions of the particles - do you need it statistically or for each individual particle?

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Dear Alex,

Thanks a lot for your response.
Regarding the positions of particles, I want to get the specific coordinates(x, y, z) where protons are stopping.

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Dear @qding,

You already asked this question and it was already answered: (p.n) reaction position-MGDRAW