How to set up divergence of electron beam

Dear fluka experts,
I want to set up for the first time an electron beam in flair with the following characteristics:


I selected Gaussian profiles for momentum, size, and divergence spreads .I converted:

  • 2.4 GeV energy in momentum using T2p(T,m) function
  • 0.0022416 GeV (0.0934%) of energy spread in momentum spread using dT2dp(T,dT,m)
  • σx e σy in FWHM for shape spread using fwhm function

The next step is to define divergence spread. In the discussion Set up a carbon ion beam, I read how to manage it in the case of equal value for x and y, but is not my situation.

Can someone help me?

Thank You.

Dear @corrado.tine,

You can define your source term using the source_newgen routine.
Have a look at the slides from the Fluka course to know more about it.
You can also find some questions about it on the forum.

Dear @amario ,
Thank you.