How to specify the scoring neutron range?

Dear FLUKA experts,

I have the flair input and fluscw user-routines for scoring neutron spallation information of my ADS problem.
Here is my neutron source distribution in axial position and 3D source Distribution.


The problem is after I check the neutron source distribution in axial position with my reference paper, it appears different. From the figure below is my reference paper axial distribution plot, in the x-axis neutron distribution start at 40cm and ends at around 150 cm, so I need to cut off the unneeded neutron source from my scoring which is at 0-40cm and 150-200 cm. Do I need to add more cards on flair or does it need to modify at my user-routine?

ads_zhao.flair (4.3 KB)
ads_zhao.inp (5.8 KB)
fluscw_forads.f (4.6 KB)

Dear @thanapong,

you can set the limits of the plots in the following section of the [Plot] page: