How to use Fluka to simulate CT scan to get organ dose?

Dear FLUKA users,

I found that Fluka can be used to simulate CT scan in relevant references, and the author also published the source.f of the CT source. I used his source.f file, but after running it, I found that the dose was only at the edge of CT tomography image. I hope you can help me find out where the problem is.The material conversion in DICOM is provided by the official website.Below are my inp and other files:
CDFkvp87_hvl_3_3.txt (2.2 KB)
CTSRC_comp_TCM.f (19.8 KB)
TCM.flair (845 Bytes)
TCM.inp (1.5 KB)

Thank you all in advance,

Wang J

Hi @wangjing from the provided information is hard for us to understand and to find what the problem is. However for such simulation all you need is already integrated inside flair. You practically don’t need any external source/files except the DICOM ones (CT scan, RTDOSE, RTPLAN, RTSTRUCT).

You can find some explanation on how to use flair/fluka for medical appliations in our past courses like or by searching for DICOM in the present forum and look the various discussions.

Dear FLUKA users,
Thank you for your reply. I saw a source file about CT scan on the relevant website. After I compiled and used it, I found that no energy was deposited in Voxel after running, and all the energy was deposited in the edge.I would like to request all experts to help me check whether there is any problem with the source.f file, which is simulated CT scan.
Thank you all in advance,
Wang J

Dear @wangjing
sorry for the long delay. Dumping the output of your source routine in a file one can observe that the energies it returns are extremely small, protons of a few keV. Therefore they will be stopped at the edge of any material.

You should contact the person who wrote the routine what he expects as input in order to provide meaningful output.

Another comment on your fluka input, is that you don’t have any BEAM card. It is not a big problem, since in the absence of the BEAM card it will define a proton beam of 200GeV/c, however all tabulations they will go up to 200GeV instead of a few 100 MeV that will be in your problem