How to use Point-wise thermal neutron scattering laws S(a,b,T) from ACE-formatted files?

Where are the location of ACE-formatted files and the xsdir dictionary file, fluka/data?
how to assign ACE-formatted files full filename or ZAid identifier with ACE-formatted files? this can be finished in the LOW-PWXS card through Flair?

According to the manual, the location of ACE-formatted files and the xsdir dictionary file should be in {FlukaDir}/data/neutron/ace directory, but the S(α,β) identifier can not be input through flair(the latest version), and directly using the name of ACE-formatted files does not work, the results are same as not using S(α,β) data.

Hello @Newconcept_1979,

Due to huge size, the neutron data are provided as separated packages to download and can be found on the website: FLUKA libraries for low-energy neutron pointwise interaction cross sections | The official CERN FLUKA website
Once downloaded, they have to be placed in the correct folder {FlukaDir}/data/neutron/{library}

As you said, the data has to be loaded using the LOW-PWXS card.

For more details about how to use the librairies, I invite you to try the examples in the following ressources:

Please let us know if you need more.