How to use source.f to set up I-131?

Dear experts,
Learned about Co-60 setup issues,How to set i-131 in source.f?
(I131 365keV 81.5%;636keV 7.16%;284keV 6.12%;80keV 2.62%;723keV 1.77%)
I hope the experts can modify this example and let me learn this knowledge?
Co-60.flair (1.7 KB)
source.f (9.1 KB)
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Dear @fengfengxu,
You don’t need a source routine to model an isotope source, but you can (and should) use Fluka built-in functionalities.
Have a look at a similar question (albeit for different isotopes): How to define a isotope radioactive γ source?

Dear Expert,
Thank you for your recommendation,The issue has been resolved.Since I was not clear about the rules, I thought I had sent the wrong question platform, I will pay attention in the future. Thank you for your reminding!
In addition, I would like to ask whether source.f can be used to achieve the above operations. Can I just go ahead and add “if…elself…elseif…endif”?

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Dear Fengfeng,

yes you can use as many ELSE IF statements as you need. But you need to be careful with the probability of each branch. See:


Dear Expert,
Thank you very much for your explanation and the reply from the experts!I will combine lectures and teachers’ suggestions to write.