How to verify histogram sampling with source_newgen.f

Thank you for your co-operations. I have one more query.

In this source_newgen.f, should I put the “source_hist_example.dat” file name in the SDUM of the “SOURCE CARD” ?
How I will be confirm that the simulation has used the spectrum given in the .dat file ? Is there any identifier which I can check in the output file ?

Please give me some suggestion.

Thanking you in advance.

Dear @ArghyaC

It is not necessary to put anything on the source card by default.

The source_newgen.f will print the processed values of the spectrum file in the .out file. Search for “histogram”.

Further verification is possible if you enable the debug_logical_flag variable in the source_newgen.f user routine. This will print the first 100 primaries sampled using the source routine in the .log file.

Also it is possible to plot the energy distribution of the primaries using a USRBDX scoring in the FLUKA input.