HPNINE Problem in axestr

Dear experts,

I’ve encountered a new issue it seems when running using pointwise cross-sections. The error presents itself in the .out and .err files and reads:

*** HPNINE Problem in axestr, restart…
NP = 1 UMO= # AXESTR= # (where # is a number, seemingly between 46 and 54)

I’ve provided input, output and error files.

In this case, the calculation did run to completion. But if I run for more primaries, the calculation will terminate if this error manifests a number of times - 100 I think?

Is this analogous to the ‘unable to interact’ error in MCNP? It seems if I use default FLUKA materials, the error doesn’t appear.

Thanks for any help in advance!


2ndCamp_DT_JEFF.inp (88.4 KB)
2ndCamp_DT_JEFF_100001.err (24.5 KB)
2ndCamp_DT_JEFF_100001.out (630.7 KB)

Dear @Lewis_MacFarlane,

The “error message” you report (“*** HPNINE Problem in axestr, restart…”) is just a warning and doesn’t causes a crash.

“HPNINE” is also an old routine that has now be replaced by a new one with a different name. Therefore, I’d invite you to update to the latest Fluka version.

Last, and most importantly, in your geometry you are using bodies of type ARB, which are deprecated (see this manual page) and are causing crashes also with the latest Fluka version. Therefore, you should replace these body with other non-deprecated ones.

Hi Amario,

Many thanks! I almost put a ‘P.S’ on my post re. deprecated bodies - something I’m aware of but it hasn’t caused me a problem until this time. I’ll update to the latest versions and recode the ARBs as planes as suggested.

Happy holidays,