Hydrogen beam definition

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One of the radiation beams I want to assess is hydrogen. However, when checking the option list of ‘Part:’ of the BEAM card, I cannot find hydrogen among them. Should an extra card be used such as with HEAVYION needing a HI-PROPE in the case of a hydrogen beam?

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Hello, @kjohnson!

Sorry if I misunderstood your question, but I think this is pretty straightforward.

If by “hydrogen beam” you meant the beam of protons, than this is the PROTON option in the BEAM card. You can’t define hydrogen as an atom, but you can define PROTON (which is hydrogen without electron), also, yo can use DEUTERON, which is nucleus of deuterium (heavy hydrogen) and TRITON, the nucleus of tritium (one proton and two neutrons, which still a hydrogen).


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Dear Ivan,

You did not misunderstood it, thank you for the very clear and quick answer!
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