Ignoring input

Dear FLUKA experts,

I made a model of a surface activity probe in order to score energy.

I used FLUKA version 4-0.1 and FLAIR version 3.1-4.

Geometry model seemed to be OK, but when I launched the simulation, the running immediately stopped and the out file said: “ignoring input” - see, please attached printscreen.

I am sending the flair and input files as well.

Could somebody, please, find what went wrong with the simulation?

Thank you very much,

Michaela Kozlovska
AB100+Am0-F.flair (29.0 KB) AB100+Am0-F.inp (28.4 KB)

Dear Michaela,

there are some issues with the material definitions in your input:

  1. The Americium 241 was not correctly defined, the atomic number was missing.
  2. In the element configuration you don’t need to specify the atomic weight (Am) unless you want to override the default. (See: https://flukafiles.web.cern.ch/flukafiles/manual/MATERIAL.html)
  3. Similarly, it is not necessary to fill the material number, FLUKA will automatically assign one.
  4. A low energy neutron cross section data set has to be assigned to each element. FLUKA will try to do it automatically by matching the name of the element with the names in the cross section database. (See: https://flukafiles.web.cern.ch/flukafiles/manual/ If FLUKA can’t find one, or you want to use a different set of cross sections data (different temperature / self shielding) you need to use a LOW-MAT card to make the association. (See: https://flukafiles.web.cern.ch/flukafiles/manual/LOW-MAT.html)

You can find the corrections here: AB100+Am0-F_fix.flair (28.9 KB)

Furthermore, there is a warning in the error file for the use of the deprecated body WED for the region of klin. This can lead to accuracy issues, and it should be replaced.


P.S.: The /usr/bin/nohup: ignoring input is not an error, it is the standard message of the Linux command nohup. It allows to run FLUKA in the background.