Impact of Air Activation Caused by Proton Accelerator Target Shooting

Dear FLUKA community,
I am using a 30MeV proton beam to bombard a GaNi alloy target. I want to focus on the degree of activation of air or surrounding materials during the target shooting process. I have conducted a series of studies and finally set a 400uA beam current using the IRRPROFI card, while setting the cooling time using DCYTIMES, and using RESNUCLE for activation statistics. However, the final results are not ideal. According to theoretical calculations, isotopes such as O-15 and Ar-41 will be produced during the air activation process, but in my results, the statistics of O-15、N-14 is 0, and the yield of Ar-41 is very low. I want to know where the problem lies. Below is my inp file。

Thank you all very much in advance for any help you provide!

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re1.lis (9.8 KB)
re2.lis (9.8 KB)
re3.lis (9.8 KB)
test.flair (11.6 KB)
test.inp (6.6 KB)