Import dicom as .vxl in FLUKA

Dear experts,
It is mentioned in the link below and in the FLUKA manual that you can use the writegolem.f file to generate voxel files for dicom files. About this I have a little question:

  1. How can I write the elemental composition and density of the material in writegolem.f? For example some of the material compositions in the picture below, I can’t see from the template given in the FULKA manual how to define these compositions and densities? Can you give an example of how to define the composition and density of a material in a .f file?
    Example .f files from the FLUKA manual have been uploaded!
    writegolem.f.txt (1.3 KB)


2.I want to use CORRFACT card to correct the stopping power by HU value, can I also write it in the writegolem.f file? If so, how do I write it?

3.I have previously generated voxel files through body.mat and got a voxel file (method in the link) organised by many sliced voxels, I would like to know if each voxel here corresponds to an HU value, and if so, how do they correspond, and how do I have to get the corresponding HU value for each voxel? Because in step 2, the stopping power needs to be corrected for each HU value, so this information is also critical!
For example, the HU value corresponding to VOXE1108 in the diagram is ?


  1. I want to correct the stopping power with the treatment planning system after I have already generated the voxel file using body.mat, is this also done with the CORRFACT card? What should I do if I fall out of the range [2/3,3/2] after correction due to large differences?