Import DICOM images in FLAIR

Dear experts,
I’m trying to import in CT DICOM images using FLAIR. I’m able to import them, look at the slices and crop them.
I downloaded material.inp and body/head.mat and a after that my .vxl file has been processed with success, but then I have this error when I look at the geometry:

>e> ERROR: Invalid voxel file. Data size do not match

I think that something is related to the fact that during the generation process of the .vxl file, I didn’t use the material.inp file. So, after that, I have two question:

  1. How can I import the material.inp file in my input file?
  2. Is there a passage that I missed before the generation of the .vxl file that can cause the error above?

Thanks for the attention and for any possible help!


Dear @luca.grisoni

the messages points to an incomplete .vxl file. Somehow the 3D voxel array is truncated, (disk space/quota issue?)

Maybe something went wrong during the conversion from DICOM → vxl. Could you look the terminal output during the conversion for any suspicious message?

Anyway for us to debug it, we would need the DICOM files. Is it possible to provide us (anonymized and privately) the files, maybe just a couple of slices would suffice.

The material.inp is no longer needed, since all the necessary materials are embedded in the flair database.