Improving Photon Output for Low Energy Electrons

I am simulating a partial-transmission target by sending 100 keV electrons onto a 6 um tungsten target. I then have a collimator, some air, and water in which I collect the dose distribution.

The conversion of electrons to photons in the tungsten is a very inefficient process. I have tried some techniques to improve my statistics. For example, I split the tungsten into layers and used importance biasing in each layer. While this did work, due to only air being between my target and my water detector, I find my biased photons too correlated resulting in dose distribution artefacts. I was wondering if there was a way to use biasing such that I create more photons from the electron interactions in the tungsten. I have been looking through the BIASING options but I am unclear of the correct solution.

Hi Dirk,

please have a look at the EMF-BIAS card with SDUM / Type other than LPBEMF. See: 7.22.19. EMF-BIAS — FLUKA Manual


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Thank you. That was indeed what I was looking for.