Inconel-625 material card

Greetings Experts,

I built my own material card for Inconel-625, a metal used in target preparations. I utilized sternhei, mat-prop, and material cards to build it. I have noticed that other Flair practitioners have a pre-built inconel-625 card for their use. I tried searching in the drop down list for materials and cannot find this material. I would like to compare the cards and have it for future use. Any recommendations on where to get this card? Thanks!

Hi Rick,

Flair’s material database doesn’t contain Inconel 625 only 600. I’m quite sure other people just modified the COMPOUND card to get 625.

Also, the Inconel alloy in the material database only contains the major elements, and omits other below 1% mass fraction.

For metal alloys, it is always the best to look up the complete composition, and build you COMPOUND car by hand.


Thank you. I will keep my handmade card then. Is there a way to export a card so I can utilize it on other files? Or manually update the material database with my card?

You can import your materials in the local/user database of flair.

Your private database will be stored in the file ${HOME}/.flair/material.ini

Select the Material tab of flair. Typically is hidden on the top -> right corner there is an small arrow, click it to show all other tabs.
In this tab you can create/edit any material that will be added in the User category. You can even import the materials from the input.

Please use the flair database as a reference and always verify the composition. If you find mistakes or you want to add your material in the distribution you can send it to us, and we can include it in one of the next releases.