Increase the material font size in geometry plot

Hi FLUKA experts,

Is it possible to increase the material font size in the geometry plot by Flair? as the following figure

I can set the xlabel and ylabel font and size, while I don’t know how to set the font size of the materials, like “AIR”. Or do you have any idea to replot it with gnuplot? I am trying to plot it to eps file for the latex writing, here is the produced data file.
Red.dat (1.4 MB)

Your help is highly appreciated.


Dear @xili,

I am not sure this can be done via the built-in options in Flair, if so maybe some colleague around will intervene. But certainly you can do it via gnuplot commands written in the big blank space that Flair provides for doing so below the different plotting options.
Just after making your plot —that one you show in your post— you can go to the output tab of Flair, which is accessible through the terminal icon on the right bottom corner of the Flair window. Once there you will be able to see the the commands issued by Flair in order to produce your plot in gnuplot. You can copy the last part of the command starting with the “plot” keyword, and paste it in the in the blank space in the plot tab of Flair. You should also include again the keyword plot at the beginning, arriving to something similar to this:

plot '' ind 2 us 1:2:7 w labels offset 0,.3 point ps 0.7 pt 11 tc lt -1 font '' notitle

After copying it you would need to modify the “ font ‘’ ” part, providing the size of your desired fonts, for instance “ font ‘,14’ ” (note the comma). Then you will obtain the new plot by clicking the plot button.

Note that by doing this, the “plot” commands (the default one and yours) will be concatenated, resulting in a second plot of the labels on top of the default ones. This is why you should uncheck the labels option under the Advance menu of the geometry plot once you include the aforementioned command. See screenshot below:

Hope this helps.

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Hi Francisco,

Sorry for the late reply. That works well. Thank you very much.