Input not running above certain history

Dear Experts,

I have installed FLUKA 4-3.0 with Flair 3.1-15 in Ubuntu 20.04LTS Work-station.
I am running a input file for electron beam. When I put 5E7 histories, it is running smoothly. However, ehen histories is increased to 5E8 and above, it is not running al all and the work-station is freezing. I have attached few screenshots and .out, .log file for your reference.

Kindly suggest some way out.
eye_model_05001.err (6.8 KB)

eye_model_05001.out (112.0 KB)

Dear @ArghyaC,

As always, in order to replicate the crash, the .flair or .inp file together with all the routines you could be linking are necessary. Could you please share them?

Thank you for your reply. sorry for late response. I was out of station last week.
Please find the attached .flair, .inp and .f file for your reference.
eye_model.inp (7.0 KB)
eye_model.flair (7.1 KB)
Ru106_beta_Beherens_curved_source.f (11.8 KB)
Kindly suggest me some way out.

Dear @ArghyaC,

I could not reproduce “the crash”. Everything runs properly. I believe that your problem is just a visualization problem within flair. You could verify that, simply checking directly from the command line that your simulations are still running.
I also recommend you to update flair to the latest version (as of now 3.2-1), as your problem might already find a solution with it.

Thank you very much. I have upgraded Flair 3.2-1 and now it is working fine.