Input not running but no error is showing

Dear Experts,

I am using FLUKA 4.3.3 along with Flair 3.2.1 and UBUNTU OS in a workstation. I am trying to run a input file (see attached). No error is showing but input is not running. After some time the workstation become freeze (hanged).
math_phantom.flair (10.9 KB)
math_phantom.inp (13.6 KB)
I have also attached .f file which is compiling succesfully.
source_newgen_with_regionsource.f (19.7 KB).

Kindly suggest me some way out. Any kind of suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

Dear Arghya,

the source routine you uploaded is not compiling due to errors in the call to the regionsource subroutine.

It is not correctly aligned to the 7th column, the [ and ] must be removed around the numbers, and the floating point numbers should be in the double precision format, like 1.0D0.

After these modifications, the user routine compiles, and the simulation runs without an error.


Thank you very much. Now, it is working fine.