Input section not being displayed

Hi everyone,
I have encountered a problem recently. The input section is not displayed in flair software. The problem persists in other files as well. There is no problem in any of the input files as well(seen in text editor).

These are the errors being shown in mobaxterm.

Operating system: Windows 11.
Method of using fluka:WSL(Mobaxterm with Xming)
I had recently updated my OS, and this problem started showing up(not so sure if it’s because of that).
Does anyone know how to solve this problem. It would be really helpful.

Hear @parthasarathih ,

From the traceback, it looks like you are using a custom version of python installed with Homebrew.

Could you try to uninstall/disable it, and see if Flair works correctly with the default python?

Alternatively, you could install a second WSL distribution, and install FLUKA and Flair on a clean system, in case the custom python is required by another software you are using.