Insert external *.geo file through GEOBEGIN card

Dear FLUKA experts,
I got a problem when I tried to insert the geometry cards in a *.geo file through the GEOBEGIN card.

It is a simple geometry in the original *.inp file.
I copied the geometry cards between GEOBEGIN and GEOEND and write them into a new gt3.geo file as shown below:
Then I changed the original *.inp file as shown bellow to insert the geometry file using WHAT(3) in GEOBEGIN card.

After saving the input file in FLAIR, I found the content of gt3.geo file had been changed into

I am confused how to pass the geometry file correctly through WHAT(3) in GEOBEGIN card. Will you help me out?

Dear Shan,

thank you for reporting this. It seems Flair can only write the .geo file based on the geometry cards already present in the flair project.

Please allow us come time to investigate the possibility reading from it as well.


@Jungle it seems your gt3.geo it doesn’t have the proper format. It is missing one line before the
* Black body
which should contain the title as well two integers with some legacy information.

The easiest way to create a .geo file from an existing input
by changing in the GEOBEGIN card

  1. the Geometry: Unit to anything different than 5
  2. set a File: name (of a non-existing file)

Then on saving flair will save the geometry to this external file.