Installation of special FLUKA executable

Dear fluka users

I must begin the simulation from the fluence energy spectrum. So with the fluka-4.0.0 installed, I did not define the environment variable FLUPRO. However, it does exist as it was defined when I used fluka from INFN, so it contains nothing now.

How do I link this with the currently installed fluka so that I can install and built a special fluka executable that will allow me to continue with the simulations?

I attach the snapshot of what I get when I try the intallation

Thanks for the assistance in advance.


if you look at the error message then you will see that the makefile tries to execute the command ldpmqmd to link with FLUKA and it expects to find it in /home/physics-world/fluka/bin/

The path is automatically determined in the makefile by
1.) querying the $FLUPRO environment variable
2.) if $FLUPRO is not found then it tries to query the local FLUKA installation for its path

You can either set $FLUPRO to the path where FLUKA is installed or you can change the first line of the makefile and manually specify that path (without the /bin sub-directory!!).
For example modify the first line in the makefile:


where XXXX should be the FLUKA installation path.