Installation problems on Mac OS

HI FLUKA experts:

I am a new FLUKA user on MAC OS Catalina, and I come up with some problems.

  1. When I try to install FLUKA, the .tgz seemed unpackaged successfully but It not possible for me to set the environment with “export PATH=$PATH:/Users/j.m./fluka4-1.1/bin”.After I type in the above command, then try “source ~/.bashrc”, it feedback with “no such file or dictionary”.

  2. Also, when I try to install the FLAIR, after I type the “alias flair=’/Users/j.m./flair-3.1/flair” ,then I open a new terminal and type"$flair", nothing feedback , and the flair doesn’t open either.

If I type in “PYTHON=/usr/bin/python3 /Users/j.m./flair-3.1/flair”, bug reports as “No module named 'matplotlib" but I believe I have stored the matplotlib successfully.

Sorry for bothering you, and I would be thankful if anyone could help.


Dear @XueMing

For point 1, could you possibly tell me what is the output of the following commands

echo $SHELL
ls -a ~

For point 2, it looks like you are not using python installed with MacPort, which is normally installed in /opt/local/bin/python3.

Cheers, Luigi

Hi Luigi:

  1. The reason seems because Catalina has it shell through"zsh". After I convert the shell into bash, it works.

Thank you for your effort!