Installing flair on ubuntu using WSL

while trying to install flair using script ```
sudo ./
it was taking too much time, so i downloaded deb packages of flair and flair geoviewer and used command dpkg -i in terminal, I faced no problem. But typing flair in terminal does not open flair and show error.
can flair only be installed using sudo ./ on WSL?

Dear Ramapreet Kaur,

the is not necessary to run FLUKA and Flair on WSL, but is makes the configuration of WSL and installation of Flair automatic.

This includes setting up the DISPLAY environment variable, to be able to show Flair’s user interface. Since you stopped the script, I’m guessing this wasn’t done.

You could try to run the script again, or you could set up the DISPLAY variable by hand based on the command in the script.

If it is still not working, please let us know what error message you got. Without it, we can’t help you.