Integrating Theoretical Calculations for Proton-Ti Cross Section into FLUKA

Hello everyone,

Our team is currently exploring the interactions of a 50MeV proton beam with a titanium (Ti) target. As part of our investigation, we aim to substitute the default proton-Ti cross-section data in FLUKA with our own theoretical calculations.

Could anyone suggest a straightforward method or provide guidance on utilizing an interface within FLUKA that would facilitate this process? Any advice or insights from your experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

this is not possible, since FLUKA is not a toolkit, but a fully integrated code with well defined physics performances. The improvement of the latter implies a(n ideally irreversible) modification of the core code and is not conceived at the level of user interface (an exception is represented by low-energy neutrons, for which the default JEFF external library can be easily replaced by others, whose use has to be quoted accordingly).

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