Invalid Bounding Box

Dear experts,
When I was modeling geometry in flair, I reported an error, which showed “invalid bounding box”. What’s the reason and How should it be solved?

When I opened my file again, some data were added with decimal points, just like “144.999999999999” in the picture, and when I entered it, it was “145”.

2021.5.28.flair (1.7 KB)
2021.5.28.inp (1.2 KB)

Dear @Junjie_Zhang ,

The error is actually just a warning. It is telling youyou are trying to do the intersection of bodies which are disjoint.
For example, in your region R2 you have +B3+B5. Where you basically are taking the intersection of B3 and B5, and the intersection is null.

Also, it is recommended to avoid touching surfaces of RPP bodies due to precision errors. See This presentation (particularly pag 30) where it is explained. Those slides will help you to define your geometry in a more robust, and simple way.

I’m not sure about the conversion that you are seeing in Flair. Maybe @vasilis can help us to find it out.
What is the version of Flair that you are using?


Hi adonadon,
The version of Flair is “3.1-13”.

Have you done any graphical editing?
That could be the reason.

Hi adonadon,
I solved my problem by changing “REGION 2” to “+B3 |+B4 | …+B12 |+B13”.
As for the graphic editing you said, I don’t seem to have done it.

Dear @Junjie_Zhang,

Ok, It should be ok, but It is still highly recommended to avoid touching surfaces of finite bodies as RPP.
Instead of that, you could use infinite planes (XZP, XYP & YZP)

Regarding the Flair conversion, There is probably a bug in the code. We will try to solve the problem as soon as we find out where it is coming from.
If you see this conversion again in the future, please report it. Your help is highly appreciated.

Cheers, have a nice weekend.