Ionization Potential

Good day,

I am trying to use CuO (Copper Oxide) for a simulation in FLUKA however I noticed that it is not a predefined material. I understand how to add a new material however I cannot find the Ionization Potential for CuO. Is there a specific place from which FLUKA obtains their material list that may possibly have the ionization potential for CuO?

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Dear Cameron,

You may leave the ionization potential value blank, then FLUKA will calculate the average value for the compound automatically from Ziegler systematics.
If you really would like to redefine it, please check this command in the FLUKA manual MAT-PROP

Please keep in mind that, in FLUKA, we define average ionization energy, which can be found in the output file (.out) with the line for the material of interest:
Average excitation energy: xxx eV

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Hi Volodymyr,

So as I undersrand it when using a material not directly listed in FLUKA all one needs to do is define the stoichiometry of the material. By this I mean the density as well as the what fraction that each element contributes to the compound.

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Hi Cameron,

Yes, that’s correct. At the bottom of MAT-PROP or COMPOUND pages you may found some examples of definition of new complex materials.