Ionization spectrum

Dear Experts,
I have a question about that is possible that I can calculate the ionization spectrum by FLUKA?
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Dear @rezaei.m.p,

Could you please explain more precisely what do you mean with “ionization spectrum”?
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Dear @amario ,
thanks for the reply, In my project, an electron beam interacts with an Aluminum foil so maybe some of the Aluminum atoms ionized by the electron beam for the first, second, and so on. I would like to know the distribution of them for each degree of Ionization.
I hope that I can explain it clearly.
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Dear Mohammad,

If you use FLUKA for electron irradiation studies (presumably at low energies?), please note that you will not see ionization of inner shells by direct electron impact, as this process is not modeled down to this detail.

If you look e.g. at the simulated spectrum of emitted photons you can expect to see a Bremsstrahlung background and some characteristic lines on top. Please note that the latter will be populated from an e- emitting a Bremsstrahlung photon and this Bremsstrahlung photon (or some secondary photon further in the shower) eventually undergoing photoelectric effect on an Al atom that subsequently de-excites by the emission of fluorescence photons with characteristic energies. That is, you’ll only get “second-order” contributions to the characteristic lines.

Consequently, bear in mind that the intensity of these characteristic lines is (in general) likely to be underestimated.