Irradiation profile change after calculation

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My question is related to the calculation of activation. Let’s say that we have some task to calculate activity on some region after irradiation with the defined irradiation profile. After the calculation is done, we found out that the information obtained is not enough, or the intensity of the beam is different etc, so, the irradiation conditions are different from the requested on the first calculation, but other parameters remain exactly the same (geometry, beam type etc). Is there any way to calculate the activity with another irradiation profile? Or we need to recalculate everything? The calculation itself was extremely time consuming and this is absolutely meaningful to recalculate the same task once again (because as I said everything except profile remain the same). Do we have any solution for this? Or we need to use some external tool to achieve this?

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Hi @Ivan,

this depends on your scoring. In case you scored the production rate (RESNUC detector without any irradiation profile assigned to it) then this can be done via the tool “usrsuwev”. It takes the production rates as input + an irradiation profile and can calculate the corresponding activities off-line. However, if you did not calculate production rates, then I am afraid that you have to go back and redo the calculation.

As these situations can happen more often than one wishes for, I would suggest to always score production rates as well. This way you remain flexible.


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Dear @ctheis !

Thanks for your answer! I didn’t know about this feature… Will consider this for my future work!