Is is possible to simulate the proton/alpha capture reactions at low energies in FLUKA?

I’m simulating the possible prompt and delayed radiation produced during the interaction between Copper/Aluminium and proton/alpha particles with energies of 20-50 keV. However, the FLUKA output is blank at such low energies.
As a beginner in FLUKA, I noticed that the evaluated nuclear reaction databases, for instance, ENDF, only provide nuclear data above 1 MeV. Is it correlated to my present issue? Moreover, I also notice that there would be some exothermic reactions, for example p+65Cu=66Zn+g (Q=8924.5 keV, threshold = 0). Is it possible to model these reactions in FLUKA? Thank you for your kind suggestions. :slight_smile:

In fact, there is no issue: the Coulomb barrier prevents those very low energy reactions from actually taking place.
Measured data indicate indeed that the p+65Cu reaction cross section falls below 1 microbarn already at 1 MeV.