Isotope - Energy question

Dear FLUKA experts or FLUKA Users
I want to get the energy spectrum of the simulation results, but I’m not sure how to compile the program to get the energy spectrum(Corresponding .f file).Where can I see the tutorial of programming? For example, I want to get the Co-60 energy spectrum.
Is there any similar .f examples about this simulation. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Looking forward to your reply


NaI.flair (1.7 KB)
NaI.inp (1.8 KB)


Could you please clarify what you want to do? Do you want to:
1-implement a Co-60 source
2-check the spectrum of the Co-60 available in Fluka
3-Obtain a generic spectra of particle at a given point in space
4-something else

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Dear amario
I want check the spectrum of the Co-60 available in Fluka.


Please see a previous forum question: Nuclear Data File Selection

In particular, the data for Co-60 source is taken from:

If you want to check it by running FLUKA, you should define a detector region and an associated USRTRACK (dE/dx) scoring. Note it is material dependent.

Let me know if there is anything I can help with.