Issues with running GCR example: gcrexampleAllParticle

Hi Fluka community,
I’m currently trying to run gcrexampleAllParticle.inp which comes in /pathto/fluka/examples/gcr/AllParticleExample (where I know to replace /pathto/fluka with the path to the directory) but I’m finding that my simulation never seems to actually complete.

Even after ~30 mins, I still have:
" F L U K A

Dir: /pathto/fluka/fluka4-2.1
Data: /pathto/fluka/fluka4-2.1/data
Exec: /pathto/fluka/fluka4-2.1/bin/fluka
Input: /pathto/fluka/fluka4-2.1/examples/gcr/AllParticleExample/gcrexampleAllParticle.inp
Initial seed copied from /pathto/fluka/fluka4-2.1/dat
Running fluka in /pathto/fluka/fluka4-2.1/examples/gcr/AllParticleExample/fluka_63854

======================== Running FLUKA for cycle # 1 ========================"

I have also attached the output file that is generated.
gcrexampleAllParticle001.out (1.8 MB)
I noticed that “Exit being called from FLKAG1, next region not found.” is repeated throughout the output file, though I’m not sure why?

The output file is continually being updated but it has been ~ 5 hours since the start of the run.

It ended up completing after ~6 hours, please ignore this post.