Large error file produced during RUN

Dear FLUKA experts,

I am trying to score fluence using USERBDX & USERTRACK through a target air sphere of 10cm placed at 1m height inside a house structure filled with air for 1 MeV photons. But error size is huge which ultimately terminates the run due to storage issue. Screenshot of error and all other input files are attached for your reference(please see the google drive link). Kindly suggest me how i can resolve this issue. Any help regarding this issue is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Ashish Singh

Dear @ashish.singh,

There are no access right to the google drive. Could you please simply attach your input file?

Dear @amario
Thank you for your quick response. Here I have attached all my inputs and 1000 data in fluence.txt file due to storage issue in zip file format. Also google drive link was restricted earlier by mistake(Thanks again for reminding), so now i am giving open link please check it for full fluence.txt data. (265.1 KB)

Ashish singh

Dear @ashish.singh,

The problem is due to the fact that you are starting your primaries exactly at the border between two regions at x=-210. Whenever this happens Fluka generates and error message that is printed the the output files and in the end this lead to the saturation of your disk.
You simply need not to start your primaries on the border. You can either move the border or move the starting point of your primaries. A very small spatial change is sufficient, like 1 micrometer as an example.

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Thank you @amario . I have made changes in geometry accordingly and it’s running fine.