Laser simulation

Dear all Experts,
I am beginner in FLUKA. As I understand in the beginner course we can define statics magnetic and electric source but I need to define electromagnetic source like laser in my simulation.
Is it possible to define in FLUKA?
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Dear Mohammad,
yes, FLUKA can simulate optical photons, their particle code is OPTIPHOT. In order to simulate an optical beam propagation inside your geometry, it is necessary to define optical properties of the materials - this is done by the OPT-PROP card. For more details you can also visit the section 12 of the FLUKA manual.

I hope this helps

Dear @vojtech.stransky
Thanks for your reply. I read OPT-PROD in the manual. What I understand from the text is OPT-PROD can simulate: Cherenkov, Transition, and Scintillation Radiation.
So the question is: how can I simulate a Laser source (for example a pulse of laser with duration 1nanosecond and wavelength 450nm) that interact with an Aluminum foil. I do not know how to define a laser source in Fluka.
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Dear Mohammad,
if I understand correctly, you would like to simulate ionizing radiation produced by a short-pulse laser. If that is the case, please be aware that while FLUKA can simulate transport of optical photons, it cannot simulate the laser-target interaction. Should you like to simulate such radiation, it is necessary to have it directly as the source in FLUKA. In order to do this, you might need to calculate the spectrum shape using some other code (such as Paricle-In-Cell simulation) and put the spectrum into a source routine.

Should you still like to simulate the propagation of laser within your geometry, it should be sufficient to define the source using the BEAM card with particle type: OPTIPHOT and energy equivalent to the 450 nm wavelength = 2.755 eV. But be aware that you can only simulate the laser beam transport, not the ionizing radiation production.

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