Loop over variable logic

Dear Fluka experts,
I need to loop over 300 simulations, and I am using the build-in Flair option.
Each simulation is very short, about several seconds long.
I wanted to ask - when I run 5-6 simulations at a time, do they run in parallel (each using it’s own core) or one after another?
Moreover, is there an option to tell Flair to simulate 10 runs in parallel, 30 times (I have
16 cores in my machine)?

Thank you in advance,
Hen Shukrun

flair submits all the jobs in parallel. So if you select all 300 jobs and you run them most probably your system will run out of resources.

Install the task-spooler which is a simple unix batch system program (available on almost all linux distributions under different names tsp, task-spooler, taskspooler)

Configure the task spooler from the command line, how many jobs should run in parallel (e.g. equal to the number of cores you have on your machine) with the command
tsp -S 16
for 16 cores or you can set the env variable in your login script
export TS_SLOTS=16

Then open flair, select all the runs, change the queue to tsp
and click Run

Flair will submit the jobs through the task spooler which will ensure to run every time 16 jobs in parallel.

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Dear @vasilis ,
Thank you very much, I will try it.

Hen Shukrun